Which DNA analysis to choose for a reliable genealogy?

There are many reasons to do a genealogy DNA test. Many people are unaware of their true heritage or ethnicity.
One of the most popular reasons is to use it for your genealogy research to find out your ancestry and where you come from. Genealogy and family history are very popular hobbies, and many people enjoy learning about their ancestry and heritage.
A DNA test can be life-changing by revealing a person’s ethnic and geographic origin.

“Knowing where I come from is knowing who I am”
Discover our comparison.

Ethnic origin DNA test

It seems DNA testing is all the rage in genealogy today. More and more companies are offering tests at increasingly lower prices so much so that many people can now afford it. They are now accessible and secure.
People interested in genealogy often want to see if they have the same ancestor as other people with the same name, or prove that their family has lived in the same place for generations. A genealogy DNA test is also a great way to compare your genetics to other people’s. This gives you an idea of the percentage where you come from. There are many types of genealogy and ancestry tests available, which can help answer many questions about your family history.

Type of testing

- For genealogy
- Ethnic and geographical origins
- Discovery of DNA matches 

- Paternity Test
- Prenatal Tests
- Ancestry Test
- Animal DNA Testing

- Origin Analysis
- Genealogy research
- related famous people

- learn about your ancestry
- Maternal ancestry
- Y-DNA test
- mtDNA test

Sampling method

cheek smear

cheek smear

cheek smear


Nombre de zones géographiques ethniques





Database size

~ 4 millions


~1,2 millions

~1,5 millions

Family tree





How Genetic Cousins Contact

messagerie interne


messagerie interne

Email communiqué

DNA test price

Our selection of autosomal test in the comparison

Here is our selection of laboratories to perform your autosomal DNA test at home:

  • MyHeritage : DNA is one of the most popular autosomal DNA tests available. It has a large user database with more than 4 million people in their database. They are able to provide detailed reports on ancestry, ethnicity and family ties.
  • EasyDNA : is another company that offers an affordable autosomal DNA test. They offer a variety of different plans with different features and access levels as well as shipping options.
  • Igenea : is a new autosomal DNA test that offers an affordable option for customers looking to explore their ancestry. The company offers a range of packages with different features and access levels.
  • FamilyTreeDNA : specializes in tracing your maternal and paternal lines using your DNA

Easydna reliability

easydna test adn dna

EasyDNA was founded in 2006 and is now a worldwide network of DNA testing laboratories. The company offers a variety of tests in different categories including ancestry and ethnicity, health, paternity and maternity, and more.
It also offers a series of products including DNA testing, ancestry testing but no genealogy software. You can even buy a DNA test for your dog or cat.
See the complete file: EasyDNA Avis

Advantages of the EasyDNA Kit

  • Offers many tests
  • Possibility to create your own kit
  • Delivery worldwide
  • Affordable prices
  • Express turnaround available

Disadvantages of the EasyDNA kit

  • Long phone wait
  • No family tree software

Myheritage DNA

Meilleur Kit ADN MyHeritage

The Myheritage DNA Kit uses a faster DNA collection approach that requires less saliva. However, this method still leads to incredibly accurate genetic test results. Pretty accurate as it covers 43 areas so you can get an idea of your past as you go through it.
The raw DNA file on MyHeritage is the best feature. One can upload their raw DNA package from another company to their database for analysis using Myheritage services.

Benefits of the Myheritage DNA Kit

  • Costs less than other tests
  • Free raw data download
  • Free family tree software from MyHeritage is included with every DNA test purchase.
  • Industry-leading customer service with a free 24-hour helpline

Disadvantages of the Myheritage DNA Kit

  • Fewer family match results
  • Does not offer any health information.
  • yDNA and mtDNA tests are not available

Igenea DNA test

easydna test adn multiple test adn généalogie

For anyone interested in genealogy, an iGENEA DNA test is a great way to trace family members. It’s easy to search our database and contact others related to you so you can collaborate on your search. The iGENEA DNA test is based on years of research and provides examination of various samples by experienced professionals. Personal data is processed separately to ensure your privacy. This ensures that there will be the highest level of data protection. See our article on the opinion of test DNA iGENEA

Advantages of the iGENEA kit

  • Complete and accurate ancestry test
  • Three different test options to choose from
  • Easy to perform tests
  • Reports can be easily understood

Disadvantages of the iGENEA kit

  • More expensive compared to other DNA testing companies
  • No health or fitness tests
  • No access to raw data
  • Shipping is not included in the price

FamilyTreeDNA test

familytreedna france

At FamilyTreeDNA, your DNA data will be analyzed and combined with their database to create a highly personalized profile that charts how your genetic makeup changes over time. If you’re looking to break down barriers in your search for paperwork on your descendants, ftdna offers Y-DNA, mtDNA, and Cohen testing to find out where your family is from. Each test checks different parts of your DNA, they can tell you different things.

Advantages of the iGENEA kit

  • Different packages depending on what you want
  • The oldest ancestry DNA testing company
  • The company uses its own lab – rare among DNA testing companies
  • One of the most complete services in terms of haplotype testing

Disadvantages of the iGENEA kit

  • No health test
  • The service is rather oriented to help a family tree project and not to build one
  • Report only in English

Why do a DNA test (or DNA test)?

How DNA testing can uncover your ancestry, reveal hidden secrets about your family history, or information about your ancestors that would be difficult or impossible to find by other means. Doing a DNA test is a way for people interested in family history (genealogy) to go beyond what they can learn from their loved ones through paper documentation. 
A DNA test can provide insight into where a person’s ancestors came from and the relationships between families. Certain genetic patterns are often shared by people of particular origins. The closer two individuals, families or populations are related, the more they share identical genetic information.
With this search for origins and the information collected, you will be able to establish your family tree , whatever its complexity.
The process of extracting DNA from a sample of your own cells is relatively simple via a cotton swab in the mouth, and the technology has avoided to the point where it is now available for a fraction of the cost of methods of traditional genealogy.
There are many reasons why you might consider getting a DNA test for yourself, or even for your pets.
For example: is my dog’s LOF true? Was I sold a purebred cat?

Is my animal

pure race ?

Which DNA test to know its origins?

DNA is a chemical (deoxyribonucleic acid) that contains each person’s genetic instructions for how an organism can develop. The best origin DNA test is the autosomal test which is a way to find out more about your family history and find out more about your origins. It’s a way to look at the code that exists inside all of your cells. It gives a lot of genetic information that can be used in the medical field or to find out your ethnic origins. 

There are different types of the most common DNA tests used for this type of research:

1) Y-DNA test

This type of test can be used to explore a person’s ancestry in their direct male line. They are passed down only from father to son and can be used as effective markers to explore your lineage. The Y chromosome test can only be performed on males, but females sometimes recruit a male relative to do the test. Since the Y chromosome pattern is often passed down in the same way as surnames, it is often used in genealogical research to investigate parentage, family relationships, and other events related to the family or two families who would have the same last name.

2) Mitochondrial DNA ( mtDNA  ) test

This test detects mitochondrial DNA variants. Most DNA is made up of chromosomes which are packed inside the nucleus of a cell, but mitochondria also contain DNA. This particular type of DNA is called mitochondrial. Mitochondrial DNA is different from more well-known types of DNA (like nuclear DNA, which tells you about both parents) because it only comes from the mother’s side . It allows you to trace your direct maternal line unlike when surnames are passed down a family line, information about female ancestors can sometimes be lost.

3) Autosomal test

This test studies many variations in a person’s genes to help estimate their ethnicity . For more accurate results, it should be taken with others who are of the same ethnicity and background. Genealogists use this test because the Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA test represent a person’s paternal ancestry and maternal ancestry, respectively. They do not provide information about an individual’s overall ethnicity.

Here is the list of laboratories with the name of the product to perform this type of test:

Nom du forfait

Notre Avis

Lien du site

iGENEA Premium

The reference laboratory for DNA sequencing

MyHeritage DNA kit

Interesting price and free raw DNA download

Ancestral Origins™

Offers a wide range of home DNA tests

Family Finder

perfect for tracing your general ethnic origins

DNA test price

The usual price of a DNA test is between $73 to $1100 depending on the analysis laboratory. It is one of the most popular genetic testing services on the market, however, the price of the varies from lab to lab and depending on your desired results.

What is the best DNA test?

The best DNA test is the Myheritage laboratory which has very good customer feedback with good results in order to learn about its ethnic and geographical origins from its ancestors. It allows you to create your family tree online.

best DNA test France

What can a DNA test tell you?

DNA testing services are available for those who want to learn more about their ancestry, health issues they are at risk of, or their genealogy. Here’s what a home DNA test can tell you:

  • Ancestry and Family History: Comprehensive DNA testing will give you detailed information about your ancestry, ethnicity and migration patterns. You may have no idea of ​​your ethnicity. Finding out your ethnicity through an ancestry test can be a mind-blowing experience. Especially if you discover that it is radically different from what you expected! Moreover, haplogroups are the groupings of markers on our chromosomes that correspond to certain ancestral traces. They explain a bit about the origins of modern man and how we
  • Discover the journey of your ancestors: Tests may be able to tell you how your ancestors moved from place to place over the centuries.
  • Make contact with unknown relatives: With your permission, some DNA services allow you to be put in touch with relatives you did not know you had and vice versa.
  • Information about your health: DNA tests indicate whether you have a predisposition to diseases. They are controversial for some, but this feature can be very useful for those who are concerned about their long-term well-being. Beware of the results you may have, however, because knowing that you may have a genetic predisposition to a disease could be the source of increased worry and fear. This is why this type of test should not be done outside of a medical setting, and any test results should be discussed with your doctor . Indeed, there are “false positives” and being a carrier of a particular gene does not necessarily mean that the individual will develop the disease. On the other hand, a regular medical follow-up can take place.

How is a home DNA test performed?

If you’re curious about your ancestry and want to learn more about your family history, a home DNA test is a great way to start. The test is very simple to perform from home.

  1. First you need to choose the lab.
  2. Then buy the kit corresponding to your expectations to have it delivered to you.
  3. Once the kit is at home, take the DNA sample via cotton or the spittoon to collect saliva samples. Don’t worry, all the instructions are given in a leaflet.
  4. Complete the documents if there are any and return your samples by post to the company that provided you with the kit.
  5. Wait for the notification from the laboratory which will indicate the availability of the results. Please allow around 5 to 8 weeks.

Is it forbidden to do a DNA test?

It all depends on your country of residence. Some countries such as Poland or France, it is forbidden to carry out this type of test outside the legal framework. You should check with your country of residence to find out the laws on this subject.

How to do a free DNA test?

Often the sending of the analysis kit is completely free. Only the analysis will be invoiced to you. But in general the kit is sent after ordering a test online, this triggers the sending of your home DNA collection kit.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a DNA test on your pet?

It is possible to perform a test on your pets, such as your dog, cat, horse or bird .
This allows you to know the breeds present in the genetic heritage of your dog, for example. The EasyDNA laboratory offers this type of test.

How do I check the breed of my dog ​​or cat? voir l’article
Many people have the same kind of questions. For example, “I bought a rare bird . Where does it actually come from?

Is my horse

pure blood ?

is my bird

pure race ?

What is the most reliable DNA test?

Among the list of laboratories presented in our comparison, we can mention MyHeritage and FamilytreeDNA seem to be the one with more precision compared to the data they have at their disposal.

How much does a DNA test cost?

The price of a test varies depending on the laboratory and the type of test you want to perform. The more complete the test, the more expensive it will be. The cheap DNA test currently is
– MyHeritage with the promotion => See the promotion
– IGENEA Complet => See the site
– Familytreedna => See familytreedna prices

How to do a free DNA test?

There is currently no offer for free DNA tests, but you can do them by mail order to obtain affordable rates.

How to buy a genealogy DNA test?

You can buy a DNA kit through the internet. You order it online and it will be delivered to your home. You will no longer have to return your samples by post. You will see results in about 5-8 weeks.

Is there a DNA test for dogs?

Yes, you can get a dog DNA kit to know, for example, the breed history of your four-legged friend or genetic problems and prevent future illness. discover our guide on the dog dna test .

How to do a DNA test between brother and sister?

If you want to do a sibling DNA test to compare your DNA to your sister, you can consult the Easydna site which offers this type of test. Once the kit has been received, follow the instructions and then send the samples back to the laboratories.

Cheap origin DNA test?

In all the kits presented, the cheap origin DNA test MyHeritage and EasyDNA

Free online origin DNA test

The DNA Friend site offers a service to order a free analysis test of your origins with results in less than 24 hours. But beware, this site was created by a satirical company, you understood, it’s not a real test, just a mockery of what other laboratories are really doing.